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  • Strong cleaning agents without abrasives
  • Hydrating compounds put liquid into your skin
  • One bar lasts as long as a gallon of common liquid soap
  • Foam can clean without added water
  • 100% natural ingredients…


Uncle Earl’s Protects Your Most Important Tool

As an artist your senses are your most important tools. And of all your senses, you rely on your hands the most to express your talent and vision. Not only must your hands have the precision to project your thoughts, but they must also suffer the abuse of oils, clays, glues, cuts and other hazards of your craft.

Ordinary soaps and solvents may remove the grime, but they also damage your skin. Not so with Uncle Earl's, as its 100% natural formulation cleans deep and moisturizes your skin so that your sense of touch, your ability to manipulate, and the expressive force of your art won't suffer.





"I thought I'd try it on some oil brushes that I was going to toss because the paint had dried. I put the soap on the brushes for about a day, and they became supple again. This soap is a great find."

“I probably wash my hands 50 times per kidding! Using Uncle Earl's has helped a lot.”
Kim, Grand Rapids, Michigan

A pair of my son’s school uniform pants, khaki, had been stained with a black marker. I tried everything we had in the laundry room… Sure enough, just a little Uncle Earl’s, lathered up, took the marker stain out like it was water color paint.
Mark, Rochester, New York

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