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  • Strong cleaning agents without abrasives
  • Hydrating compounds put liquid into your skin
  • One bar lasts as long as a gallon of common liquid soap
  • Foam can clean without added water
  • 100% natural ingredients…

Try Uncle Earl’s
Hand Healing Soap

Please try any of our products. They've been proven in America's toughest jobs; machine shops, auto garages, and construction. Now available in both original “shop” versions and attractive household containers.

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We currently do not ship to locations outside the U.S.

Thanks to improvements in production, we can now offer our shop liquid soaps for substantially less money than before, over a 30% savings to you. This will translate into big savings for those who are ordering in larger quantities.

By the way, if you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your purchase price. It's that simple.

Thank you, on behalf of Uncle Earl,
All of us at Uncle Earl's.

Smaller size dispenser of Uncle Earl's liquid soap is perfect for use at home. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HANDLING FEES.

Six Pack
6 - 3.5 oz. bars
(6 pack holder not included)

Select Fragrance

“Just wanted to tell you we love your soap. Best I've ever used. I wash my hands a lot and my hands have never felt better.”
Cathy - Hermitage, Pennsylvania
I love your soap and will be replacing all our soap with it. I love it so much I don't want to use any other...
Trudy - Union, Illinois

Liquid Soap Six Pack
6 - 230 ml (7.78 oz.) bottles

Liquid Soap Six Packs

Foam Soap Four Pack
4 - 250 ml (8 oz.) bottles

Select Fragrance

Foam Refill Three Pack
3 - 32 oz. bottles


Price includes a surcharge for shipping because of its weight.

foam soap refill


Liquid Soap Refill Two Pack
2 - half-gallon (67 oz.) bottles

Select Fragrance / Price

Price includes a surcharge for shipping because of its weight.

liquid soap refill

What do we mean by hypoallergenic?

Because we're using real food products, our costs fluctuate constantly. As we become more efficient, our costs drop, so some of our prices have fallen. At the same time, the dollar is getting weaker, so imported lavender has increased almost 100%. Thank you for your understanding.

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