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  • Strong cleaning agents without abrasives
  • Hydrating compounds put liquid into your skin
  • One bar lasts as long as a gallon of common liquid soap
  • Foam can clean without added water
  • 100% natural ingredients…


Uncle Earl's Allows You to Garden Naked

Most gardeners are forced to wear gloves or use barrier creams and hand lotions. While Uncle Earl's soap was designed with grease and grime in mind the natural clays and organics in soil can get your hands just as dirty.

Even worse, the soil acts as a desiccant drying out your skin the more you garden. Using Uncle Earl's you get your hands naturally clean and moisturize them at the same time allowing you to dig in using your bare hands.


I usually use gloves while gardening. When the soil's wet I use my bare hands. Uncle Earl's takes all the dirt right out…
Diana, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Ron loaned me a bar of Uncle Earl's after a particularly muddy game and I was amazed at the results. I'll definitely be adding Uncle Earl's to my own laundry arsenal!
Sue, Auburn, Ohio

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