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  • Strong cleaning agents without abrasives
  • Hydrating compounds put liquid into your skin
  • One bar lasts as long as a gallon of common liquid soap
  • Foam can clean without added water
  • 100% natural ingredients…


About our Ingredients

hand healing soapsOur label says this: All natural ingredients include vegetable oils (like soybean, canola, and corn), pure coconut oil, other fatty acids derived from nutmeg, palm, coconut, and butterfat, pure castor oil, and a selection of all natural fragrances and natural fragrance blending compounds.

What our label doesn't say is that we also use water, potash (both of which are consumed in the soap making reactions) and a variety of essential oils that give our soap its intensely natural fragrance. In some cases the essential oils don't want to behave as nicely as we would like, so we also add in a small amount of natural waxes that help everything blend together.

What we want every one of our customers to know is that we are committed to letting you know as much as possible about what goes into our products and where we get them from. As consumers, we are becoming increasingly aware that every dollar spent goes to employ someone in the factory, in the office, and finally the farm where all these ingredients come from. We want you to be assured that the farms you support are the same ones you would like to live on; where they work hard to keep the land clean, strong, and healthy as part of the greater ecosystem.

…after just a few short days of using the product he came back to me amazed at how easily it removed the grease and grim from deep down into the pours of his skin and nails.
I've used the bar for over two weeks and as you note, the bar lasts.... It really doesn't seem to dissolve away.

About our Fragrances

Essential oils are the only fragrances we use. We don't want the inexpensive, synthetic and mass produced scented chemicals that were designed in a laboratory to mimic the real thing.

We believe that people can tell the real thing when they see it, and smell it. We're counting on our customers enjoying the intense variety of scents that come with real essential oils. We're also counting on our farmers to harvest the best possible crops with the most intense aromas.

We're not going to try and blend our products so that they all smell the same. We believe that part of life's enjoyment is the little surprises. So one of our bottles of Orange Grove may end up being more intense than another because the orange blossoms came from a different part of the world.

What's important is that you'll know the orange essence left on your hands is real, as real as peeling an orange yourself. You know it's not going to hurt you or your family. And when you inhale it, you're not inhaling a single man-made molecule, but a true bouquet of the many many molecules that are as complex as Mother Nature can make them.

If you'd like to know more about our Ingredients or Fragrances, please don't hesitate to ask!

The Uncle Earl Team

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