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  • Strong cleaning agents without abrasives
  • Hydrating compounds put liquid into your skin
  • One bar lasts as long as a gallon of common liquid soap
  • Foam can clean without added water
  • 100% natural ingredients…


Testimonials from Real Users

Please give us your opinion. Here are a few of the responses we have received.

"This morning I worked on some greasy stuff and my hands got really grimey and greasy. So, I decided to use your product instead of the Permatex hand cleaner, and I LOVED your product. My hands feel fine and they are completely clean (without massive abrasives that cause my hands to hurt). I'm so glad that I found Uncle Earl's product."

March 2016

"I have to say I just love your soap my husband had issues for years with dry cracked bleeding hands from washing them so much. I've been buying it for awhile now."

December 2013

"I want to thank you for the wonderful soap. My son and I have a real problem with dry cracking hands and dry skin. Nothing we have tried works like Uncle Earl's to heal this problem. Thank you so much for making it available. I intend to share this with a couple of friends who have the same problem."

January 2014

"I have to say I just love your soap my husband had issues for years with dry cracked bleeding hands from washing them so much. I've been buying it for awhile now."

December 2013

"I am a 35 year old, small town Christian mechanic who works at South 5 Auto Repair, a family owned business in Lebanon, MO. I have tried nearly everything through the years to try to keep my hands from drying out so bad they split open, itch, and burn.Uncle Earl's soap has been the best product for me ever! Part of the reason I dry out so bad is due to repeatedly washing my hands throughout the day, so lotion wasn't really an option I could use while at work. The natural oils in Uncle Earl's soap took care of that problem. It's like washing and putting on lotion in one. I was so excited that I got my entire family to using it. They loved it as well. My wife said that she can even use it to shave her legs without it causing irritation, and she loved the clean orange scent. My 10 year old niece had horribly dry hands that were cracking and peeling. She had been to the doctor and been given prescription medication, but nothing worked like Uncle Earl's soap. Even those I know with sensitive skin can use it and love it.Guests that use it in our home love it and ask about it. It just seems too good to keep it to myself. I would like the opportunity to make it readily available to others around me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I appreciate you considering my request to work with you."

November 2012

"It took me a bit to catch on to not rinsing the lotion in the soap completely off but after your email I was able to learn to leave my hands slippery. I had contact dermatitis from the hospital soaps I use leaving my fingers dry and cracked. My fingers on my hands after 3 weeks now look normal. I believe it is the sulfate-free and paraben-free nature of your soap and the oils that have done the trick. As a byproduct my nails are no longer cracking as easily as they used to and for the first time in 15 years my thumb nails have grown past the tip of my thumbs instead of cracking and peeling. Thank you!"

October 2012

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love Uncle Earl's hand healing soap!

My son-in-law gave me a pump dispenser of your soap last spring. I used it each time I came in from gardening because the label says "hand healing soap" and my hands take a beating with all the digging and weed pulling, etc. I wash my hands up to my elbows each time I come into the house trying to decrease my episodes of poison ivy. Not only did Uncle Earl's leave my hands feeling soft and smooth, but I realized after about a month of use that I hadn't gotten poison ivy even once. I usually get it several times a summer despite wearing gloves. I have large flower gardens and live near the woods so poison ivy often creeps into my gardens. What a great discovery for me! To not have to put up with itchy, unsightly poison ivy blisters is such a relief!!!

This spring I didn't have any of the soap left and got poison ivy twice before I asked my son-in-law if he could get me some more Uncle Earl's. He did get some from you and I haven't had another exposure since.

Thank you again for your wonderful product - the all natural ingredients are so gentle but very effective!"

June 2012

"Hi, I want to thank you for the samples you sent. Ironically, one of our machinists was having quite a bit of trouble with his hands. He thought it was the coolant but I was resisting change for we just switched a few years back and it's a huge task.
We've tried some other hand lotions for him with no success. He told us (and showed us) on Friday how the new samples are healing his hands. He loves the products."

May 2012

"I spoke with a Nathan and he knew of us through an industrial supplier in a previous job.  He wanted us to know that he really liked the bar soap, not just as a soap, but for use as moustache wax.  Says there was no residue (which is a problem I guess - never had a real moustache myself).  He figured it out on his own because the bar felt good, so he rubbed it on his whiskers and it worked great!"

Uncle Earl (testimonial by phone)
March 2012

"Uncle Earl's Soap really works, I use it on my hands after working in my shop and my hands feel clean and soft. I also use it on my paintbrushes after cleaning them with paint thinner and it leaves them conditioned too.

He then had me email the ingredients list to his wife because she wanted to make sure there wasn't anything funny in there."

December 2011

"Our daughter got me two bars of Uncle Earl's for my birthday and it really works well. My wife said she had despaired of ever getting me to do anything about my rough hands till I started using Uncle Earl's."

August 2011

Melodie called today, she is a dental hygienist. Her regular customer, a machinist, normally has very dirty, dry, and rough hands. He came in recently with much cleaner and softer hands. She asked him what had happened, and learned that he was now using Uncle Earl's soap. He brought her a bar later to try for herself and her mechanic husband. Within a week they were both convinced, and she called today for a complete sampling of Uncle Earl's products. Thanks Melodie!

Tualatin, OR
July 2011

"I had a touch of fungus on my index finger, and nothing was helping it go away. I started to use Uncle Earl's Hand Healing Soap about a month ago, and now it is completely gone!! What a wonderful product!"

June 2011

Hello Sue,

It's not the kind of thing we usually hear but we're glad to hear your condition has cleared!

We also like to think that it's not what we do with our soap that makes the difference, but the fact that our product is all natural. There's nothing synthetic to cause an adverse reaction. So your body healed itself. All Uncle Earl did was keep you from using those other ingredients.

Very Sincerely,

Uncle Earl's

"Don is an experienced machinist from Medford, OR who's got an immuno-deficiency disease, psoriasis and dry skin on top of that. He said after using Uncle Earl's he now won't use anything else. He's buying 4 cases to pass out to family."

Uncle Earl (testimonial by phone)
June 2011

"You'll be happy to hear that after I questioned why my (10 year old) son was still so dirty after his shower, he said that only Uncle Earl's would get the dirt off."

June 2011

"A friend of mine said to me you have to try this soap. He gave me a sample. It's the best soap I've ever used. In the winter, my hands get very dry. My dermatologist gives me a list of creams to try. Nothing works for the dryness. When I tried this soap, it's like a miracle, because my skin is no longer dry. What is really amazing to me, is that it's the best brush cleaner I've ever used. I thought I'd try it on some oil brushes that I was going to toss because the paint had dried. I put the soap on the brushes for about a day, and they became supple again. This soap is a great find. Also, the lavender scent is the best scent of lavender that I've used in any soap or cream."

June 2011

"Thank you… My wife loves what your soap has done for my dry cracked hands. Thank you again for your help, and for such a great product."

April 2011

"Thank you very much… The soap is working great. My hands aren't as dry. I also used it on my feet after a hard day of work and it has worked wonders. ACES to Uncle Earl's soap."

April 2011

"Just wanted to tell you we love your soap. Best I've ever used. I wash my hands a lot and my hands have never felt better. Just one question, my hands were in bad shape and since using the soap I have noticed that there is dry skin flaking off? Or is that the film that is left from the soap? They don't feel tight and dry anymore I just have what appears too look like dry skin? Is that normal and will it go away with time? Thanks again for making a quality and safe product."

Hermitage, Pennsylvania
February 2011

Hi there Cathy,

Thank you for the kind comments. We're proud of what we've discovered here, too!

I know from personal experience that our soap does leave the hydrating compounds (lotion) on the skin. I know this because I tried to wash the dishes at home with it once, and learned my lesson the hard way. I had to rewash everything with regular soap!

Honestly I don't know what you might be looking at on your hands, but all I can say is trust your instincts. If your hands feel good, then go with it. Please keep me informed about how it goes, though.

Very Sincerely,

Uncle Earl's

"I have used numerous hand/foam soaps at work and this one is among one of the best I have ever used. Some of the soaps I have used left my hands really dry to where I would have to apply lotion during the day to help from getting crack/dry knuckles. My knuckles really get dry in the winter that they even bleed. I can tell that this product leaves a soothing lotion feeling to my hands that other soaps just don't do. I work for the phone company in Houston, Texas and I can honestly tell you that I get very dirty. I set up in manholes in the street and come out of them feeling filthy. I even wear gloves and at some point while working they come off and my hands are not easy to to clean up. I ran out of a mechanics foam soap that I had been using that works well; I Googled soaps and ran across Uncle Earl's and I must honestly say that my purchase was a great one. I wash my hands numerous times at work and I'm limited water as I work out of my company truck, so the foam soap works great cutting through."

Houston, Texas
February 2011

"Yes, we finally ran out of the bars you gave me as samples when we met at the P---, although I gave much of the original stash to family members. My wife and I are both loyal users for skin washing but I'll admit that I rely on it even more for stains on clothes."

Mark - Writer
Cleveland, Ohio
January 2011

"You asked me to check it out, so I gave it to a friend of mine who owns a business in construction. His has been in business for just under 20 years and deals in everything from landscaping, paving, heavy equipment work. He also works on his own trucks and equipment as well as has a mechanic. You can see why I chose him to check out your product.

I guess it will come as no surprise to you that after just a few short days of using the product he came back to me amazed at how easily it removed the grease and grim from deep down into the pours of his skin and nails. He said it was the best soap he had ever tried."

December 2010

"I do leave the slippery layer on. The prices sound good and you've answered my unasked question: it does seem that the pump ought to last longer than 16 oz., so why not just refill. I'm going to work with the bar for a while longer then look at the liquid. I want to make sure that I have no problems with the soap (I actually started because of a skin problem- I believe the soap has been beneficial, but I want to give it more time). I've used the bar for over two weeks and as you note, the bar lasts.... It really doesn't seem to dissolve away. I'm going to suggest my Dermatologist look at the soap since it seems to be mild, works to clean, and does seem to moisturize. Thanks"

October 2010

"Good morning! I love your soap and will be replacing all our soap with it. I love it so much I don't want to use any other... like that here at McCormick place. Have a great show!"

Union, Illinois
Sept 2010

"I usually use gloves while gardening. When the soil's wet I use my bare hands. Uncle Earl's takes all the dirt right out and my hands don't feel dry at all.

And you know how your hands sometimes get stained from the colored leather in your gloves? Well, Uncle Earl's takes that right out as well."

Chagrin Falls, Ohio
September 2010

"So our Customer Service person is in the shop today running parts. Given that her life is at a desk and her skin accordingly is pretty soft, an hour into her shift she complained of numerous small cuts from the aluminum she is machining. I told her to wash her hands with Uncle Earl's. She did and low and behold she now said her small cuts all closed up and that the coolant doesn't burn.

Awesome miracle stuff."

North Royalton, Ohio
September 2010

"Thanks for the generous supply of Unk Earls. I have an additional use, de-skunking a 30 lb dog at 11pm. After the online formula of peroxide baking soda and dish detergent wasn't enough to quell the odor I shampooed her with UE and believe that saved her from banishment to the hinter lands. She (Lucky Pup) is very grateful."

San Antonio, Texas
September 2010

"Hi. I keep forgetting to e-mail you about the Uncle Earl's soap you graciously left for me. I LOVE IT! I use it, are you ready for this, to shave my legs!!! I don't have the smoothest of skin, so shaving has always left my legs bumpy, but now that I'm using the Uncle Earl's liquid soap (fragrance free) my legs are actually smooth. Thought I'd let you know ... maybe another selling point for you to use."

Cleveland, Ohio
July 2010

"This stuff really works! The guys haven't touched the Orange X (abrasive brand liquid soap) for quite a while. Now we're almost out of your soap. Can we be a reseller?"

Honolulu, Hawaii
June 2010

"I was a skeptic who quickly became a believer after using your bar soap. The other two guys in the shop also prefer it to our former hand cleaners. Right on product guys - Thanks"

Boise, Idaho
June, 2010

"I bought our first batch of Uncle Earl's foam soap a month ago for my 10 technicians, and all the guys love it. Before, they all had dry cracking hands. Today the problem is gone. One of my guys came up to me the other day and said 'Dude, it's like having vacation hands at the end of every day!' "

Centerville, Ohio
May, 2010

"We are so impressed with this product. The box of soap and samples of scented foam you offered are greatly appreciated. Will be happy to spread the word."

Clarkston, Michigan
May, 2010

dirty hands"I've been using Earl's soap for the past few months, and my hands are cleaner, softer, and healthier than they've ever been before."

Dave - Mechanic
Phillips Automotive
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
December, 2009
(photo to the right is Dave's actual hands – cigar and all)

"Honestly, we've used the pumice based hand cleaners for years. Between that stuff and machine coolant, everyone had dry, cracked skin. With your liquid soap, those problems are gone. Love it."

Rich - Machine Shop Owner
North Royalton, Ohio
January, 2010

"The guys in our weld shop love the soap. We used up all of the liquid soap sample you sent. We just started using the bigger bar samples."

Don - Managing Director
DL Agency
Chicago, Illinois
February, 2010

"Thanks for the soap. Linda and I both suffer from "winter skin" on our backs. We put the liquid soap in the shower and are using it regularly, and the scratchy, flakey problem has improved greatly. I think that maybe you are on to something."

Joe - Senior Regional Sales Manager
Huron, Ohio
March, 2010

"The soap is amazing! My hands are healthier when using your soap than when I am not using your soap. I can say that honestly because I use the soap when I am at work during the week but, I don't have your soap at home over the weekends. There is a BIG difference in the look and feel of my hands when I come back to work on Mondays. When I use your soap, my hands become much softer and they feel healthier (because the cracks in my skin begin to heal).

I think you have a wonderful product on your hands."

Mary - Office Manager
Cleveland, Ohio
January, 2010

"Yes, I like your soap. I have been using 'Old Masters' for artists. It's $5.99/bar!! It is very comparable and a better price.

I probably wash my hands 50 times per kidding! I have little ones that need help in the bathroom, the oil painting and then there is my gardening and other household duties. I found the best thing after washing is to rub a little olive oil into my hands and then pat my palms so they aren't slippery. Otherwise, I get cracked skin. Using Uncle Earl's has helped a lot."

Kim - Sculptor, Mother of 3
Grand Rapids, Michigan
November, 2009

Randy M. has had many problems with his hands cracking and severe irritation, and had to wear gloves whenever he was around metalworking coolant. He decided to purchase 3 bars to see if it helped any. He said that he was using a hand cleaner called TKO which was a harsh abrasive with granules. He used Uncle Earl's soap and the condition completely cleared up. He now wants to purchase 2 - 6 packs.

As reported to us by Randy's distributor, Ken
Indianapolis, Indiana
September, 2009

"A pair of my son's school uniform pants, khaki, had been stained with a black marker. I tried everything we had in the laundry room – pre-soak with detergent, an oxy spray, a couple of washings – and the stain was still there. I was about to throw the pants out when I remembered from this web site that some people had had success using Uncle Earl's to remove stains from clothes. It didn't sound too likely but there was nothing to lose. Sure enough, just a little Uncle Earl's, lathered up, took the marker stain out like it was water color paint. Thanks Uncle Earl's – you saved me about $25."

Mark - Profession Unknown
Rochester, New York
December, 2009

Ron, of Stainless Works, purchased Uncle Earl's soap to hand out to his customer's as a thank you. When Ron's wife was at her wits end trying to remove grass stains from their son's baseball uniform, Ron remembered the soap that he just received. He suggested that she give it a try, since she had already tried every product that she had in her laundry arsenal, what could it hurt.

To Ron's and his wife's surprise, it worked amazingly! It removed the tough dug in grass and mud stains that none of the other products could. Uncle Earl's soap was definitely the talk of the mom's at the next baseball game.

Ron - Owner
Stainless Steel Works
Auburn, Ohio
August, 2009

"I've been using your soap for about a year now. While it's a great soap, I find it's also tremendous for shaving. It's so good I haven't bought shaving cream in months!"

Doug - Professional Writer
Healdsburg, California
September, 2009

"I'm one of 'the moms' cheering alongside Ron F. at the baseball games. He loaned me a bar of Uncle Earl's after a particularly muddy game and I was amazed at the results. I'll definitely be adding Uncle Earl's to my own laundry arsenal!"

Sue - Home Engineer
Auburn, Ohio
August, 2009

"Thank you very much for sending the 2 bars of unscented hypoallergenic soap. I started using it for my hands just yesterday. I liked the way it made my hands feel. The next step will be to use it for a shower.

A couple of years ago my dermatologist recommended that I use a special soap called Cetaphil—which is apparently less harsh and drying than the various commercial soaps.

My initial impression is that your soap is easier on my 83+ year old skin than the Cetaphil. Since I have multiple allergies the fact that they are unscented and hypoallergenic immediately inspired my confidence. For most of the past year when I shower I have used no soap at all—just water. This also worked—at least none of my friends disowned me for having a bad body odor.

Again thank you for sending the soap and I will contact you again after some more use."

Dr. Bob - Loyal Customer from Media, PA
and still using our products. Thank you Doctor Bob.
October, 2009

One customer is particularly meticulous, and used Uncle Earl's bar soap in the shower as a full body soap. He says that when he uses other soaps, he had to clean the shower of all the deposits they leave on the walls. He realized that with Uncle Earl's that the walls of his shower were clean. Not only did it clean him, but it was also cleaning his shower at the same time! Needless to say, he's quite ecstatic and now a devoted customer.

As reported to us directly by his distributor,
Neal - Machine Shop Technician
Burlington, Vermont
October, 2009

"I thought of you guys last night. I changed the wheel bearings in my boat trailer and tried your soap. It actually works great."

Rick - Internet Entrepreneur, Retired
Bradenton, Florida
November, 2009

"Dear Uncle Earl, we're your biggest fans! Your soap has changed the way we view soap. Thank you for bringing Uncle Earl's into our lives."

Susannah, Matt, Katie - High School Seniors
Facebook  Fans
February, 2010

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